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A fresh, youthful appearance

Intense research has revealed several natural skin components that are key to a fresh, youthful appearance, one of which is hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid performs a variety of tasks in the skin, and is thus a significant factor in the firm appearance of youthful skin. This makes it one of the most important developments in modern cosmetic medicine and explains why it features so prominently in anti-wrinkle treatments. In addition, we are now able to stimulate the growth of lost collagen using “collagen boosters” and reposition sagging skin using thread lifts.
Botulinum toxin represents another important development in cosmetic medicine. By paralysing facial muscles in a targeted manner, botulinum toxin can be used to smooth facial wrinkles such as frown lines and can also be used to treat excessive underarm sweating (hyperhidrosis), teeth grinding (bruxism) and migraines.

Better ageing – not anti-ageing!

I care about achieving natural results, aiming for a fresh appearance – which is why my focus is on better ageing, not anti-ageing. I can’t change the date of birth on your passport – but I can help you achieve a fresher look.

And I won’t change anything about who you are in the process, either.

Many treatments are short enough to fit into your lunch break.
State-of-the-art procedures and strict quality assurance mean you can rely on the highest possible safety standards.

I look forward to meeting you!

My promise to you is that you can expect the highest quality, both from my work and the hygiene measures in place. The same applies to the products used. I offer you treatments at a reasonable price in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. Top quality doesn’t need to break the bank.

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Dr Robert van der Kruijssen

Putting your individual beauty first.

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What our customers say


Natural beauty

Dr van der Kruijssen provided me with comprehensive advice right from the start and explained the possible minor side effects.

The treatment was very gentle and genuinely didn’t hurt at all. I didn’t experience any pain in the following days either. The results are really very natural and haven’t changed the way I look – they’ve just given me a fresh glow again. I would like to thank Dr van der Kruijssen from the bottom of my heart and recommend him wholeheartedly!

Karin S.

Even better than on Instagram

Today I took the plunge.

I’ve often seen pictures of
Dr van der Kruijssen’s work on Instagram and I’d always been a bit sceptical, because anything can be touched up to look good.

After a thorough consultation, I finally went for a lip injection and I love it! It actually barely hurt at all and already looks great. Thank you!

Rebecca S.

Thank you so much

Thanks to Dr van der Kruijssen, not only do I look exactly how I feel, but at 40 I look better than I ever have!

Thank you so much for everything!


Perfect results

I’ve been going to Dr van der Kruijssen for years.

I get occasional lip injection and sometimes some Botox in my forehead. I feel very well taken care of and the results are always flawless. I would gladly recommend Dr van der Kruijssen to others.