Ellansé™ collagen boosters

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Treatments using Ellansé™ collagen boosters

For the first time, Ellansé™ has provided us with a biostimulator that enables the treatment of issues such as horizontal neck lines or the extensive filling and smoothing of the neckline, for which no adequate treatment was previously available.

Ellansé™ has a collagen-boosting effect.

I use Ellansé M™, the effects of which last for up to
24 months.

Uses of Ellansé™

Thanks to its excellent viscosity, elasticity and unique homogeneity, Ellansé™ can be used for shaping in a wide range of areas. The Ellansé™ biofiller family can be used across all areas of cosmetic medicine to improve and perfect your appearance, including:

  • Combating lines and wrinkles, e.g. nasolabial folds, smoker’s lines
  • Adding lift and plumpness, e.g. in the cheeks and chin
  • Facial contouring
  • Sculpting, e.g. of the upper neck, neckline and hands
  • Treating scars on the face and body
  • Treating deep acne scars

Ellansé™ is made from polycaprolactone (PCL) and carboxymethyl cellulose (CMC), and is a well-known soft medical polymer that is 100% bioresorbable.

How Ellansé™ works

All of the products in the Ellansé™ family work in the same way.

First of all, Ellansé™ is a biofiller (CMC) with immediate results.

In addition, over the following six weeks, the biostimulation caused by the PLC is proven to promote the neocollagenesis of type I collagen. Together, both processes achieve stable, long-lasting results.

Age groups:

Patients in their 20s:

Collagen production begins to slow in your 20s, until it reaches a minimum level later in life. This is an ideal time to start using Ellansé™ to keep the skin’s collagen reserves and elasticity active.
Patients in their 30s and 40s:

In this age group, Ellansé™ improves the efficacy of longer-lasting cosmetic corrections, combats deeper and more defined lines and wrinkles and optimises cosmetic corrections, e.g. cheek fullness, by naturally stimulating collagen production.

Patients in their 50s and older:

Ellansé™ is perfect for facial contouring and restoring plumpness. It can be used to combat or restore a sagging jawline. As a result, surgical procedures such as facelifts can be delayed or even avoided entirely.

Ellansé™ is also the perfect preparation for a thread lift using Silhouette Soft™.

The neck and neckline are common problem areas, particularly in the last two age groups.

Patients often want a smoother upper neck – without unsightly horizontal wrinkles – and a firmer, smoother lower neckline, which is increasingly damaged by the sun and wearing push-up bras.
Until now, these issues could not be treated, or at least not to a suitable extent.

Ellansé™ is the perfect solution. The varying viscosities ensure an instantly smooth upper neck and a smooth, firm lower neckline. This has not been possible using the standard fillers that have been available until now.

Ellanse - natural-face – Oberwil b. Zug

Possible side effects of Ellansé™

When performed properly by a practitioner with the right training and sufficient experience, the treatment is extremely safe and effective.

The technique has been developed over time to optimise the effects and minimise potential problems.
Immediate side effects associated with the injection include symptoms in the injection area such as redness, sensitivity and, more rarely, bleeding and swelling.
In rare cases, unevenness can develop in the treated area of the skin.

In general, this unevenness is not visible and is only noticeable when pressure is applied to the treated area.
All of the above side effects usually only last a day or two.

Patient satisfaction

Patient satisfaction after 12 months following Ellansé™ treatment was around 90% on the Global Aesthetic Improvement Scale (GAIS).

The average medical evaluation showed improvement in 92% of patients. Ellansé™ treatments were rated as “Very good” or “Good” according to the GAIS scale by 97% of patients.